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Why backlinks are an advantage to your SEO Technique

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You must be thinking that SEO is just about keywords but, in reality, SEO is a lot more than that! It is the main organic tool that helps you get traffic on your website and everyone knows organic things cost you a lot more! SEO requires patience and a lot of other tasks that make your website strong and help you with organic traffic. Backlinks are one of those tasks which are super important and help build your website’s domain and page authority. This is straightaway linked to your website ranking on the search engines.

What are backlinks?

So now that you know that backlinks are important in SEO, you need to know what exactly are backlinks? Backlinks are links to your website which are posted on the other website so, once you click on them those links directly will take the audience to your website. This is one of the techniques to build organic traffic on your website. So, if you don’t have links then it might be difficult to reach the website directly! There are two types of backlinks:

Dofollow Backlinks

A layman will never be able to differentiate between the two types as the difference is in the source code. Dofollow links are one of the most common and important backlinks for SEO purposes. Putting a dofollow link on your website indicates to Google that your link is organic! It makes Google realize that you are following the organic guidelines and not trying to sell your link to the audience.

Dofollow links help google know that the link listed is very important and should be noticed.

Nofollow Backlinks

On the other side, nofollow links are not so common links and are considered less valuable. They do the exact opposite of Dofollow links. Nofollow links tell the server to ignore them. Both of them look alike with just one difference which keeps the search engines away from nofollow links. If you ask us which is important, we would say that Google wants to see both of them in a balanced ratio making the website link a healthy one!

Why are backlinks important for SEO?

A lot of search engines like Google index the quality of websites based on the quality of backlinks that are present using search spiders. So, when you create backlinks of good quality, then you attract more traffic to your website because of the search engine indexing your website in a more relevant category.

If you put relevant links on your website, it will indicate your website as more important in the search engines which will ultimately help you rank higher and higher. If your website is advertised by other websites through links, then your site will have more credibility over the search engines which will again help you rank better than the other websites. But, backlinks alone are not the game changers, you need to know that quality content always matters! If your links are relevant and the content isn’t, you won’t secure a higher rank anyway! If you require professional help then consulting with some of the best digital marketing firms in Vadodara can be a great idea! Consulting companies like TheDigiClick can provide a boost to your website in no time.

Backlink type matters

You can always get good results with inbound links by placing them within the content but again, there has to be relevant placement! A person who is willing to take a holiday and reading your blog which says the best places to visit this summer will click the most relevant link which is available on the website! So, adding a link where relevant is the most important thing for you to get it clicked. So, specific backlinks will always give you more traffic than the inbound backlinks which are placed anywhere on the website.

Adding quality backlinks gradually is the key!

Backlinks that are added out of nowhere in the webpage will never make a meaningful impact on the audience. What if you find a link which leads you to a candle shop when you are reading about how to make homemade candles. Search engines will always consider the links which are added slowly and gradually with time. They know that getting quality backlinks from various websites can be a difficult job. So, you need to be careful about adding them as the algorithms have gone even stricter than they used to be!

Use farm links for short term traffic

Website owners have started using strange methods to load their website with backlinks that are not even relevant to the theme! Farm links are those links which are generated by the automated backlink creating websites. These means are misleading and can provide you with traffic for a short period but, if you are targeting for the long run you should get through with it and start with some organic ways to boost SEO.

So, collecting backlinks can be time-consuming but when you are getting a long-term benefit, why not create things the right way? If you still think this is a puzzle you are having a problem with then connecting with the best SEO service provider in Vadodara can be just the right thing for you.

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