Top 6 Tips to Grow Your Organic Traffic without Keyword Ranking

It’s a dream come true moment for a brand when its targeted keywords appear on top of search engine result pages (SERPs). If your business has a considerable reputation with years of experience, then keyword ranking becomes very easy. 

The same doesn’t hold true, if you are a startup or a newbie in the market. You should contact an online marketing company in Vadodara to get more traffic even if none of your keywords is ranking on search engines. 

More visitors mean more chances of conversion. However, it must come on top; otherwise, visitors won’t bother to scroll down. We compile below some useful tips to drive quality traffic to the site even if any of your targeted keywords are not ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

1)Publish Your Articles on High-ranked Websites

In digital marketing, we call it a guest posting. You need to publish articles on high-authority sites with a set of specific keywords. For example; if you wish to rank a highly competitive keyword, which has thousands of searches every day, then you can write an informative article with this keyword. 

You can publish your guest post for free on that site or by paying a requisite guest posting fee as applicable. Your article should be informative and non-promotional. 

2) Write for Your Readers

In the current days of bots and crawlers, don’t forget your target audience and readers. Ultimately, it’s the humans who will buy products or services from you, not the bots and search engines. 

Content is the undisputed emperor in digital marketing. It should connect with your target audience and readers. It should be conversational and enlightening. People visit a website to learn something new. Readers don’t care whether you follow SEO rules or not, what matters is the quality of the content. 

As far as possible, focus more and more on making your content lucid, relevant, unique, and innovative. If you are not able to write reader-friendly content for your target audience, then the best digital marketing company in Vadodara canhelp you. 

3) Optimize Your Video Marketing

Many firms are unaware that they can leverage the benefits of video marketing to get quality traffic on their website. Even without getting your keyword ranked on top positions, you can still post the relevant video content on your YouTube channel. In the YouTube description, you can easily put your site link and targeted keywords to garner maximum views on the same.

4) Regularly Update Your Blog Section

Today, your visitors don’t come to see your products only. Instead, you can establish your authority in the market through blogs. For example; if you are selling various fashionable outfits, then you can write on the latest fashion trends, top fashionable outfits, and several other related matters. It helps you gain considerable traffic to your site. 

5) Go for Long-tail Keywords

Most brands prefer short and highly-searched keywords in their content. But the sad reality is, such content may never see the light of the day due to their high volume of searches. In such cases, top brands continue to retain their top ranks on Google while other brands fail to get any position on the first page.

Long-tail keywords are highly beneficial to growing your site visitors. The best SEO marketing company in Vadodara can tacitly make use of long-term keywords within your site content for more visibility. These keywords have low volumes of searches but are specific to your target audience. So, these keywords help a lot.

6) The Use of Social Media Optimization

Never ignore your social media channels. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others serve as a primary source of contact between a brand and its consumers. 

You can get quality traffic, resolve customer’s queries, launch online campaigns, and enhance brand loyalty by posting interesting social media content from your official handles. 

The Conclusion

Digital marketing can’t start yielding your results from day one. Rather it’s a gradual process. You should have the required amount of patience, digital marketing skills, familiarity with search engine algorithms, and the best SEO practice in place to grow your business. So, even if your keywords are not ranking on search engines, still you can get enough traffic on your site. 

You should reach out to the digital marketing company in Baroda to know more about the latest SEO algorithms to improve your ROIs. Your primary focus should be to improve your overall organic traffic. You have to try various promotional tactics for that.

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