Top trends which will help you survive SEO in 2020

Marketing can only be successful for a brand when the tools and techniques you apply, match the trends of the times. It is very important that your marketing techniques are capable of competing with your competitors and how are you supposed to do it, if the techniques you are using are a year old?

With an online presence, it is very important that you keep track of all the things which are trending and how your competitors are keeping up with the technology and trends. If you too wish to serve as the best SEO provider in town, then follow these top trends which will help you service in 2020: The year of downfall!

1. Try user-focused optimization

Back in 2019 Google BERT was one of the most famous algorithms and because it was new everyone wished to put a good amount of investment and get to know about the algorithm even more closely. Giving your customer a user-friendly experience can be one of the most important things which are required for an e-commerce business to grow. You can have a look at your competitor’s websites and also try to use a combination of designs to give your users an elegant and easy to use website experience. People have become very picky these days when it comes to good content and because of the rising competition, the one who has a better content strategy win! Make sure that everything you do for the website should be aligned in such a way that it attracts and pleases the customers.

2. Focus of E-A-T!

If you are planning to top rank the search engines then you should know the fact that even in 2020, Google still wants to focus on overall reputation and E-A-T which means Expertise, authoritative and trustworthiness of the company as well as the individual. If you have a bad reputation in the market regarding customer services or helpline services, then you might have a hard time taking yourself ahead in the race. Quality of the content speaks the loudest no matter what! You have to make sure to add additional value to your content in order to beat the competitor and keep yourself reputed in the search engines.

3. Keep a track on UX and Technical SEO

2020 is all about focusing on the customers and what they want out of your business. It includes keeping a track on the SERPs and then the overall look and feel of the site. Here analyzing what effect it puts on the user after they leave your site is also a very important aspect your company should take care of. When we mention the use of Technical SEO and UX (User Experience) the most important thing which matters is the speed of the site and how much time it is taking for the user to have a look at a fully loaded website. This is an important aspect as users usually have a lack of patients. You can keep track of the latest SEO Trends with the help of the best SEO service providers in vadodara.

4. Consider Mobile SEO, the need of the hour

Everyone has a mobile in their hands these days which is a tool that holds every kind of technology in just one device. From a calculator to a torch, to browser, to cameras and music of course. Phones have the ability to do everything in just one click. In such circumstances, people usually prefer websites that can mould themselves according to the interface size the user is using. If your website is not mobile-friendly then people will obviously find it difficult to operate! So, the best advice would be, build a website for mobile interface first and then make it desktop friendly. You can take the help of the best digital marketing companies which are specially trained to work according to the latest trends in the market.      

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