Pros and Cons of Social Media in your business

Since social media has become a great part of every company’s marketing strategy, we all want to know why it is so important for a company to excel! Everything has got its pros and cons and social media is no exception to it. Let us know what are the advantages as well as disadvantages of social media.


When we talk about the advantage of social media in your business, then you must know that this can be the greatest opportunity that can help you expand your business. Let us know-how

Vast reach

Everyone these days has eyes on social media! Be it twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. If you have a good social media presence, you have the potential to reach out to a million people out there with just one post. So, no matter what your audience filter is, you get to connect to all of them in one single place! When your brand reaches out to a million people in one go, just think how many will get attracted and tempted towards your brand?

Directly connects you to the audience

Social media is a platform created for the audience so, if you are a service provider, you can reach out to your customers directly and deliver your message. There are not a lot of strategies that lead you to this gateway and having a one to one connection with your audience makes a huge difference in converting them to leads.

Social media has everything for everyone and by this we mean you can study the behavior of your audience and get to serve them in a better way! Isn’t that going to help you grow your business even more? Afterall if customers are happy with your brand, they will make you happy!

Enhance your marketing strategy through paid advertising

Social media platforms give you an option to utilize its paid services and reach faster to your audience. So, if you think organic posting is not what you want, then reach out to your audience with paid advertising. Paid advertisements help you reach out to areas where you have been unable to reach organically! So, if you have the budget, then surely try out the paid features of social media platforms. If you wish to run a social media campaign then The DigiClick is one of the best social media marketing agencies in Vadodara and can help you grow your business in the best way possible.

An organic way to drive traffic to your website

Social media marketing allows you to reach your customers organically. It might take more effort than the other strategies but, it will surely help you sustain your business in the long run. If you are a startup or a low budget company, then this can be the best opportunity for you to crack! All you have to do is post great quality content to reach out to your customers.

Self analyze your performance

The best thing about using social media platforms to enhance your business’ reach is that it lets you analyze your overall performance. Whenever you create a marketing strategy, you will have to keep a strong eye over the performance of your content. Social media campaigns have a self-evaluating feature like insights, reach, and other options from where you can check how your profile is doing as a whole and also gives an opportunity to check the performance of each post individually.

They are free

The best part about social media platforms is that they are free! No matter what you say, it is a great opportunity for people who want to build a business from scratch but have a low investment or no investment at all. Every business calls for a marketing plan without which it is difficult to reach out to your customers. With the help of free social media platforms, you can market your brand and reach out to millions of people in the fastest way, and that too free! What else do you want!!


Everything has a negative side so, what are the cons social media can have that may affect your business? These disadvantages don’t really say that the platform isn’t effective for your business but, indicates the problems you might face

You have to be welcoming to negative responses

As there are millions of people available on social media, looking at your post, some might like them and praise whereas others might dislike and pass negative comments about it. You have to make sure that you are not disheartened by these comments. The best way to deal with negative responses is to ignore them or learn from them and improve your brand if you feel so!

Planning takes time

Planning and organizing a campaign is a huge task and you need to spare time for it. Usually, companies have their own marketing team working 24/7 on the marketing strategies and plans for the brand but, if you are a small company and have no specific person dedicated to it then surely you can outsource the best social media marketing services. We are sure they will take care of all your needs and deliver exceptional results on time.

Organic Growth requires patience

Creating a perfect campaign and waiting for the results can be more exhausting than actually implementing the techniques. You have to make sure that you have that patience and wait up for the organic magic to work on your brand! Organic optimization has sure shot results and all you have to do is wait for it!

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