5 ways to Optimize for Snippets in your Content

Everyone wants to drive a whole sum amount of traffic to their websites and snippets can provide you with much help in this! If you are willing to gain traffic organically, then pleasing all the google related tools is a must for you.

So, What exactly is a Snippet?

While searching for a query in Google, have you ever seen the first search result always appear in a box? That is the first thing that catches your eye when you are finding the answer to your query. So, that box you see is exactly what we call as a featured snippet. This content which is placed right in front of your eyes is the selection of contents that are displayed in the SERPs. But wait, what are SERPs? Search Engine Results Page is what we mean by SERP’s. There are various types of snippets and they are:


If you search a query and want an answer to it, a paragraph snippet is exactly going to do the same but, in about 100 words, cluster! As the name suggests, your query will appear in a small paragraph and will most likely answer questions like why what, how, who, when, etc.


A list snippet is the one which pops up when you are looking for some step by step instructions like a DIY or a recipe or how to tie your laces etc.


While looking for a movie or a song, the YouTube link you first see on the screen is the video snippet to your problem.


The name itself makes things a lot clear right?  A tabular form of representation of data which can be some facts and figures in ascending or descending order.

Rich Answer

A precise answer to your question is what you call a rich answer. For eg, if you ask Google how far is the earth from the moon or which year will the Olympics take place? Questions that have a direct answer can also be displayed in snippets.

Tool or Calculator

Asking google for a mathematical equation or translation of words can be counted as a tool or calculator snippet.


Now, that is something tricky to understand, isn’t it? Okay so if you know what leading the user is, then you know what an accordion is! Giving the user some extra information, which makes him want to click to get some more is what this snippet does!

Now that you are well aware of the types, it’s time to clarify how you can optimize these snippets for your business.

1.  Target on question type keywords and queries

If you focus on the keywords, there are short-tail and long-tail keywords. Ranking on the right ones is what will get you traffic! Try to use keywords which can be good questions and can be answered through your snippets in the SERPs. If you are lacking behind the terminologies and still want to make the best use of the digital space for your business, then connect with us for the best Digital Marketing in Vadodara.

2.  Try to give answers to real-life problems and what people are looking for

The important thing here has to be the way you reach out to your audience. Is your blog giving the audience what they are looking for? Try to give clear and direct answers to their queries.

3.  Make use of inverted pyramid strategy for writing

The people in print media take this writing style into consideration and if you trust us on this, this can be helpful to optimize the business for snippets! Here you start off the content piece with the 5w and 1h technique which explains where, why, who, what, when, and how of the content. This is followed by the main body of the news and the general and least important information in the content.

4. Save some space for FAQs

There are a lot of websites that mention the generally asked question at the bottom of their homepage or subdomain page. You can do the same thing and clear a general query regarding your business or product. Providing short and crisp answers on your website can make you list up a snippet in SERP.

5.  Pay attention to the word count

Word count may not be that important to maintain while writing a blog, but it is an important aspect when writing for snippets. Most of the snippets are between 40-50 words and not more than that. Try to keep your content short and crisp so that they get the answers to what they are looking for clearly. If the person is looking out for a detailed answer or wants to know more, it is possible that they put a hand on your website giving you more traffic as well.

These were some pointers for you to consider while looking for a snippet optimization strategy. If you still think that you need expert advice then, TheDigiclick which is the best branding agency in Vadodara can help you reach on top of SERPs. So, what are you waiting for?

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